ROYAL PAINS 2.1: Rx for summer fun

The problem with the inaugural season of ROYAL PAINS is that while the show is breezy and entertaining, the scripting has always been just a bit too on-the-nose. There was very little about the show that was subtle, the second-season premiere indicates that trend is continuing.

When last we saw the employers of HankMed, the concierge doctor service sweeping the Hamptons playground of the rich, Hank (Mark Feuerstein) and Evan (Paul Costanzo) had just seen their bank accounts drained by their unseen ne’er-do-well father, Eddie, and physician’s assistant Divya (Reshma Shetty) had reluctantly become engaged to Roger, the London businessman her parents arranged for her when she was a child.
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BURN NOTICE 4.1: When Michael met Vaughn…

The fourth-season premiere of BURN NOTICE picked up seconds after last spring’s cliff-hanger, with Michael seated in a mysterious, comfy drawing room. Turns out he was brought there to meet with a man called Vaughn, who claimed, “We burned you.” However, he praised Michael for rescuing Management last season, and recruited him to join him in busting a shadowy international organization blamed for lots of the nasty things happening around the globe. Michael doesn’t ask too many questions, and in short order, he finds himself racing through a jungle, trying to outrun a rocket attack on an arms dealer’s encampment.

That’s kind of how it is with BURN NOTICE: You just get just enough explanation to make the story seem plausible, and the rest of the time you spend watching stuff get blown up while Michael cruises around looking confident and cool.
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