That flawed perfect game…

Detroit Tigers pitcher Armando Galarraga must feel really bad today, but it must really suck to be umpire Jim Joyce, the man who made the Blown Call Heard ‘Round the World.

Look, I have absolutely no love for the Tigers (I’m a Yankee fan), but no hurler deserves to suffer like that (No, not even somebody from the Red Sox). In case you haven’t heard (or seen it yourself), Galarraga was one measly out away from a perfect game when he covered first base on an easy bouncer. The throw came in time, yet Joyce declared Cleveland Indians runner Jason Donald safe. What? He was clearly out by a mile! Seriously, it was no bang-bang play; first-base umps make lots of closer calls. So what happened? Joyce himself does not dispute bungling the call. “I just cost that kid a perfect game,” he was quoted as saying after the game. The question is, why? What did he think he saw that resulted in a safe call? The world will never know. This is not one of those cases where Galarraga should simply have been given the benefit of the doubt; he should have been given the benefit of a correct call.
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