DOCTOR WHO 5.3 (31.3): Victory of the Daleks is made of win!

New Doctor, meet new Daleks

The latest episode of DOCTOR WHO to air here in the states, “Victory of the Daleks,” is notable for being the 11th Doctor’s first run-in with the pepperpots and for being…well, a win for the Daleks.

To be sure, the Doctor repelled the Daleks’ last run at Earth, but it turned out the mutants were not really invading this time; they were trying to perpetuate the sinister species – and they used the Doctor to do it! How ironic: The Time Lord who passed on the chance to smother them in the cradle way back in “Genesis of the Daleks” is now responsible for their rebirth as a new and “improved” race of relentless killers.
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