Coming Attraction: “Victory of the Daleks”

Eye see you, Doctor!

The next episode of DOCTOR WHO for us in the States is called “Victory of the Daleks.” Here is a link to a set of video previews hosted by the good folks over at Blogtor Who.

In addition to coming attractions, Matt Smith and Karen Gillan, the Doctor and Amy, do a little intro to the story.

As I mentioned last week, be careful if you wander off at Blogtor Who, as spoilers abound…

STARGATE UNIVERSE 1.14: Dr. Rush’s Beautiful Mind

The doctors: Rush and Jackson

STARGATE UNIVERSE asked viewers to go on a journey to two separate potentially ugly places: one was a maze of dark subterranean tunnels inhabited by giant spiders, and the other a thicket of dense memories inside the mind of Dr. Nicholas Rush. You decide which prospect was worse.

Rush engaged the Repository of Knowledge, and with Brody’s help, has rigged up a buffer to slow down the flow of information and present it in the form of a semi-lucid dream based on Rush’s own memories.  Rush decided to build on remembrances of the time his wife, Gloria, was dying of cancer because he would not mind if those painful memories are destroyed by the Ancient device. Since Rush was essentially having a lucid dream, he understood that his wife was not really dying, and his students were all aspects of his memories. Thus, Rush appeared coldly disinterested in his wife’s slow demise.
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