DOCTOR WHO 5.2 (31.2) Sneak Peek: The Beast Below

My fellow American DOCTOR WHO fans and I are sadly far behind the U.K. in seeing new episodes of the Matt Smith/Karen Gillan era, however there is one tiny advantage: The sneak-peak and spoiler trail has already been blazed and well-trod! Our soul mates across the pond have done the hard work of locating juicy tidbits about upcoming episodes.

Included here is a link to a preview page on the very wonderful Blogtor Who site that contains three teaser clips for “The Beast Below,” the episode that debuts here in the states on Saturday. As a bonus, Steven Moffat himself provides a short introduction! Unless you are a complete spoiler-phobe, I don’t think there’s anything that will ruin your enjoyment of the story. Looks like Amy manages to find a spot of trouble at some kind of creepy/freaky carnival.

Just a quick word of caution, however: the rest of the Blogtor Who blog, while excellent, contains lots of spoiler material, so be careful while wandering around. Remember, they are a couple of weeks ahead of the USA, so it’s not their fault they already have reviews of episodes we Yanks are just salivating at seeing!

LOST: 6.13: Come together, right now

Jin and Sun

THE A-TEAM’s Hannibal Smith famously loved it when a plan came together, and LOST the-powers-that-be reunited key characters this week as they position their players for the endgame. And that made longtime viewers the winners this week.

The most important development was the reunion of Sun and Jin, who have not seen each other (in the original timeline) since the explosion of the freighter Kahana at the end of Season 4! Let’s hope he can keep his vow: “We’ll never be apart again. I promise you.”
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