LOST 6.12: Hugs for Hugo

Libby jogs Hugo's memory

“Everybody Loves Hugo” is the kind of episode that every LOST fan can love: not only did viewers get to see old friends Libby and Michael again, there was some important new information.

Checking in on Hugo in the L.A.verse, we saw he is still a sad-sack, despite being a rich, philanthropic businessman. His mother still gets on him about meeting a woman. And then he does. And what a woman she is!

There was something off about Libby — as once again personified by Cynthia Watros — from the moment she appeared. And it was more than this strikingly beautiful woman crossing the room to talk to Hugo. She insisted that she somehow knew him. Or felt like she should know him.“Do you believe two people can be connected, like soul mates?” she asked him. Of course, we at home know they are connected, and are soul mates.

When the episode began, the Island-Hurley was tending to Libby’s grave. It was almost painfully sad to hear him ask why she — of all the Island’s dead — never appears to him. That’s one visitation he would welcome.

The visitation he got, however, was Michael (the returning Harold Perrineau), who told him that Richard’s plan to blow up the Ajira plane would get everyone killed. Michael pointed out to Hurley that people are listening to him now, so he has to be careful and take the responsibility of leadership seriously. Just how seriously Hugo takes his duty was seen later, when he risked his life to blow up the Black Rock in order to keep the group from retrieving more dynamite after Ilana blew herself up. “The Island was done with her,” Ben snarked. “Makes me wonder what’s gonna happen when it’s done with us.” (Don’t worry, Ben — I think there must be something very special planned for you…)

What was important to take away from the episode was Hugo accepting the mantle of leadership. He began to understand the burden when he felt compelled to…well, fib to the group about seeing Jacob in order to get them to follow him. Jack, Sun and Frank went with Hurley, even though Jack knew Hugo was lying about Jacob. Jack said he finally understands that he cannot make up for Juliet’s death or make everything right again. This is an amazing change from the Jack we first met way back in the opening season, the Jack who was sure he could fix everybody’s problems and get everybody off the Island. Now, Jack appears at peace with the idea of sitting back and listening to other people tell him what to do. “Maybe that’s what I’m supposed to do,” mused. So, apparently, he’s buying into Jacob’s idea that he has a particular purpose on the Island.

As usual, the Man in Black had a purpose: He told Kate and Sawyer that that everyone who came to the Island has to leave together — so they were going to wait for Hugo, Jack, Sun and Frank to join his little band of merry man. To bide his time, MiB took Desmond for a little stroll. “This Island has it in for all of us,” Des said. Well, MiB definitely has it in for Desmond — he tossed him into the well! Might that be a doorway to the alternate L.A.verse?

That Sideways Universe began bleeding through even more, as Libby and Hurley went on a picnic. She said she likes him, and he figured that’s because she’s delusional. So she kissed him. And that sparked a flood of memories of the Island — including kissing her. “Whoa, dude. I think I’m remembering stuff,” he sighed. Desmond kept an eye on them, and then sped off. After all, he had a date himself. He had to go to the school and watch for Mr. John Locke to roll across the parking lot. Then Desmond hit the gas and ra down the defenseless man in the wheelchair!

Michael told Hugo that if he happens to see Libby, he should pass along his apologies for killing her. This was one episode that owed no one any apologies.

Oh, yeah? Sez you!

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