STARGATE UNIVERSE 1.12: Live together, die alone

TJ, Camile and Chloe

“To put it bluntly, we’ve taken the ship.”

With those civilized yet ominous words, STARGATE UNIVERSE’s Camile Wray basically declared war on the military contingent aboard Destiny, igniting a conflict that has been simmering since the first episode.

Camile (Ming-Na) and the “science/civilian” faction plotted to isolate the Stargate personnel from most of ship so she could seize power by controlling the ship’s functions and the stargate. However, the execution did not go as planned, and Col. Young (Louis Ferreira) was left in control of life-support functions, giving him a bargaining chip for negotiations. Not that he really needed it, since Young swiftly took action to regain command of the ship.
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Project Runway: Dalek edition

Series 31 Dalek

The Daleks are back on DOCTOR WHO this season. Or are they? Are the creatures in those slick new casings really the same pepperpots fans have known and loved for four decades?

There is a firestorm raging among Whovians (Yes, I am proud of that traditional name!) this week, sparked by the release of images of the new Daleks 11th Doctor Matt Smith will battle in the upcoming “Victory of the Daleks” (See the trailer here). The Doctor’s most enduring enemies have undergone a bit of makeover.

Horrors? Hardly.

While I agree that the basic Dalek design is sacrosanct and should never be radically changed — no proper arms and legs…ever! — some noodling about and variations of the theme are perfectly fine with me. The hideous mutations from Skaro still have eye stalks and sucker arms and those round balls; if the skirts have some additional detailing, that’s not a sin. If the eyestalk looks more menacing now, I’m good with that. This Dalek looks sturdier, sleeker and thus more commanding. Dalek tweaking is not new. We have seen new Dalek colors introduced at intervals; a Special Weapons Dalek was trundled out in “Remembrance of the Daleks” (which also featured a reimagined Emperor!). And Russell T Davies gave us bigger, bulker Daleks topped with the squarish, cylindrical headlamps from the movies!
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