LOST 6.10: Charles Widmore’s Big Package

Widmore has his eyes on the prize.

While this week’s LOST certainly held my interest, it was not one of this season’s stronger entries. The primary focus seemed to be on explaining the other side of Sayid’s L.A.-verse story – just how Jin came to be put on ice in the walk-in fridge at the restaurant (He was about to be iced!). But tucked into the framing story on the Island was the revelation that all the people whose names are not crossed off the list in Jacob’s cave must leave the Island together.

Well, give the-powers-that-be points for consistency, at least. Recall that all members of the Oceanic 6 had to return to the Island together. And course this admonition echoes the series-long theme of “live together, die alone.” Other threads picked up upon included Widmore’s and Ben’s warnings that “war” was coming to the Island; and destiny vs. free will, as when the Man in Black told Sun he wouldn’t ask her to do anything she didn’t want to. And was it just me, or did MiB hint to Claire that Kate’s name might have been one of those crossed off the cave wall. We did not see her listed back in episode “The Substitute.” And his casual mention after they are off the Island, “whatever happens, happens,” felt like tacit acknowledgment that Claire can cap Kate if she still wants to. Speaking of getting off the Island on that plane, Smokey cannot travel over water under his own power – apparently that’s why the Island is his prison?

I found it interesting that MiB did not know if the “Kwon” Jacob named referred to Jin or Sun; apparently Jacob keeps his own counsel, and MiB is not privy to the source of his knowledge. And how about Sun not caring if she’s a candidate… Jack certainly sounded like a true believer to me when he tried to inform Sun that she (probably) has a destiny. Jack is well on his path to becoming a Man of Faith. While Sayid is incapable of feeling “anger, happiness or pain,” he is still susceptible to drugging, which tells me his condition is psychological, rather than a physical alteration from being dead. (I’m still not giving up on my little theory that Jacob is animating Sayid’s body; I’m just not sure why MiB would be able to pick up on that.)

I’m also not sure what Zoe (Sheila Kelley) is up to, holding Jin in Room 23 (Why is that number so familiar, LOL), which is where Karl and Walt were held by the Others on Hydra Base. But why does she (okay, Charles Widmore) care about the pockets of energy on the map — which Jin presumably made back in 1977?

The L.A. segment was worth watching if only to see Jin and Sun happy for a change. (On the Island, “our” Jin got a few moments of elation from seeing the photos of Ji Yeon that Widmore brought.) The idea that Jin was transporting the payment for his own whacking was delicious irony.

Of course, beyond asking why Sun could only speak Korean after her bonk on the head, the biggest question of all was: Why did Widmore (Alan Dale) have Desmond (Henry Ian Cusick) locked up aboard the submarine, and how does he relate to defeating/containing Smokey? Widmore still takes his duty as protector of the Island seriously, even all these years after being banished. (I’m sure the irony did not escape you that Widmore was exiled via submarine, only to return in one…) BTW, I predicted that Desmond would actually be “the package.” Just ask my brother and his wife; they heard me!

2 thoughts on “LOST 6.10: Charles Widmore’s Big Package

  1. I don’t think I buy the theory that Widmore will become the new MiB and Ben the new Jacob. If we assume for a second that Jacob is “Good” and MiB is “Evil,” (which I am not certain of at all!)I don’t think Widmore and Ben fit those roles. Widmore strikes me as a sincere and caring (if perhaps misguided) man, while Ben is manipulative, ambitious and selfish — qualities I would ascribe to “evil.” So perhaps (perhaps) I could see Widmore replacing Jacob and Ben taking over as MiB. But I really don’t think that’s a likely outcome.

    I am formulating my own master theory for the endgame, and I will be posting it as soon as it is ready…


  2. I love LOST! I’m in Aus though so the last ep I saw was the Richard one. Probably shouldn’t have read your post considering it mentions a lot of whats going on in the next episode, but since I did read it and I’m here I thought i may as well comment and ask you: What do you reckon to the theory going round that Widmore will be the new MiB and Ben will become the new Jacob?


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