Forget DOCTOR WHO 5.x, here comes DW 6.x!

One of the bits of recent DOCTOR WHO news I did not have a chance to mention when it broke was the announcement that the BBC has renewed the show for a sixth post-regeneration season (its 32nd overall) — and Matt Smith’s 11th Doctor has not even had his first adventure yet! That is good news indeed, reflecting the Beeb’s faith in the series. (Believe me, that was not always the case!)

Even better: There will be another Christmas special (set to air…well, you figure it out), and it will be written by this season’s new lead writer, Steven Moffat.

On the not-so-bright side, there is some wailing and gnashing of teeth over the announcement that while Smith will return, there was no mention of Karen Gillan coming back as Amy Pond. Folks, I don’t think you should be reading too much into that particular bit of non-news. In my book, that keeps me guessing as to whether Amy will survive this season; it ups the emotional stakes to know her life will actually be on the line as she travels with the renegade Time Lord. If it were announced that Karen/Amy will be in the next series, we would know she survives, and thus there would be no sense of jeopardy.

It’s all for the good of the show — which is what we all want. Look for the Smith era to begin in the U.K. on April 3, and here in the States on April 17. If you simply cannot wait, take a peek at the new BBC trailer here, or the even longer (slightly different) BBC America trailer here.