Stargate Universe: Gating Back to Us in April

Scott, Rush and Eli

“We are on our own out here.”
— Dr. Nicholas Rush

Psssst, wanna see something really cool? Check out the trailer for the second half of the first season of SyFy’s STARGATE UNIVERSE here, at the official site. The trailer hints at a ton of excitement, including lots of Chloe, wisecracks from Eli, angst, space battles, tech — and aliens!

Now, I’ll admit I was slightly disappointed in the premiere of SGU last October, but the three-part story won me over as it unfolded, and SGU quickly became one of my favorite new shows (if not the favorite), and featuring some challenging, fun characters, like Dr. Rush. By the time SGU came to its winter break the show had hit its stride. I was very disappointed to see SGU go off the air for such a long hiatus, but the torment is almost over. We are less than a month away from the premiere of the final 10 episodes on April 2 at 9 p.m.

And the good news does not end there. Production began just this week on the second season, so we are…er, destined to see even more SGU.

Oh, yeah? Sez you!

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