GREEK 3.17: Mardi Gras Madness

Casey and Cappie

The classic rom-com premise almost always sees the mature, sensible (and beautiful) woman struggling to tame the overgrown boy who refuses to grow up and man-up and enter a “real, adult relationship” (read: marriage). ABC Family’s college-based series GREEK externalizes that conflict by focusing on overachiever Casey (Spencer Grammer — yes, Kelsey‘s daughter and onetime Lucy on AS THE WORLD TURNS) and merry underachiever Cappie (Scott Michael Foster).

While she is a former president of her sorority, he is a perpetual frat boy even if he still is the prez. Casey is eager to graduate and get on with her life okay, both of their lives but Cappie… not so much. This week saw Casey taking the LSAT exams — on Mardi Gras — in preparation for law school. She studied and worried appropriately because with graduation looming she abruptly decided to attend law school. Cappie, on the other hand, prepared to host a ginormous kegger, and has yet to even declare a major! He has been putting it off, ducking Casey and even lying to her about making the big decision. After she discovered is deception, he found the backbone to tell her that he is not “ready” to graduate. He loves the carefree frat life too much to venture out into the cold, scary real world. Understand that when Cappie says graduate, what he really means is grow up. On the silver screen, this conflict is usually framed in terms of marriage vs. “freedom,” and although the terminology is less threatening here, it makes the same point: Cappie is not ready to fully commit to Casey and the attendant adult responsibilities, like getting a job and (gasp) raising a family.

I like these characters because they are so engaging. Thanks to the talented cast, everyone seems like someone you would want to get to know. Grammer is so charismatic that her hard-driving Casey never (okay, almost never) comes off as strident or shrill. Even when she is bickering with her boyfriend, she doesn’t look like an indignant harpy. And, for his part, Cappie radiates so much boyish charm that he does appear to be a layabout lout. In fact, it’s easy to see why Casey treats him like a rambunctious, naughty puppy instead of an insolent, willful child.

GREEK is now entering the home stretch of its third season just two more episodes to go but it is still easy to hop aboard and enjoy and recapture the best essence of college life. Even if you were never part of the Greek system.

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