CAPRICA 1.6: The one with James Marsters


Last week viewers got to visit New Cap City in V-World, but this week we finally visited one of the other planets of the 12 colonies when we got a glimpse of Tauron City, home of Vergis Industries. But the thing most people will probably remember about this week’s episode is the appearance of James Marsters as Barnabus Greeley, an authority figure in the Caprica City cell of Soldiers of The One.

Marsters’ genre cred is unimpeachable: He broke through as that other soulful vampire, Spike, on BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER, moved on to playing SMALLVILLE’s Brainiac and, recently, the amoral Capt. John Hart on TORCHWOOD. Here Barnabus is a True Believer: he practices self-mortification as a way of avoiding sin – yet isn’t averse to belonging to a violent terrorist cell. I guess it’s all in how he can justify it to himself. Torturing his own flesh with that cilice is pretty extreme. And, despite his asking, “What gets unleashed when this thing gets to Gemenon?” I suspect he rejected Lacy’s (Magda Apanowicz) appeal for transport to Gemenon more out of concern for getting caught by the authorities than humanitarian worry over the morality/lethality of whatever cargo she wanted to drag along. STO are in the middle of campaign of bombing holocafes, for gods’ sakes, so he’s a believer in situational ethics, at least. Important tidbit: Keon (Liam Sproule) built the device that Ben used to destroy Maglev 23. Marsters’ appearance was brief but effective. I want to know more about this guy!

Once again, CAPRICA featured a piece of technology that is just a little ahead of where the real world is, the “swipe drive,” which is capable of stealing huge amounts of data just by being in proximity to a hard drive. It’s a scary thought – made all the more frightening because real criminals are not too far away from this today. Sister Clarice (Polly Walker) used the swipe drive to copy Daniel’s home computer. Something tells me she’s not going to find the Zoe avatar there. I’m guessing that resides on Zoe’s personal computer, but where is that? Was it blown up along with her on the maglev? It seems unlikely she would have left it home if she was bound for Gemenon. Still, Clarice doubtless got some pretty interesting stuff. What was most interesting to me was her line about wanting to offer STO “an afterlife we can see and touch.” Since she refers to the avatars in this context, it implies that she relates some aspect of V-World to the afterlife. But how that relates to Zoe is unclear.

It was only a matter of time until Tauron industrialist Tomas Vegis (John Pyper-Ferguson) figured out what happened to his M.C.P. unit and put it together with Daniel Graystone’s great leap forward. Daniel was sickened to learn that two men were killed during the theft, and Eric Stoltz’s face told us Daniel was tasting bile every time he thought about the crime. Vergis is a scary adversary because he is smart and he is patient. He won’t rush into a mistake. Vergis clearly has an elaborate plan of vengeance (“My dream is to tear up your dream.”) and taking away the Caprica City Buccaneers pyramid team is a subtle first step rife with mental cruelty.

At first I thought maybe Zoe (Alessandra Torresani) might be playing a cruel prank on geeky Philomon (Alex Arsenault); after all, was she going to show up for a date as U-87? But then she indeed adopted the Rachel identity and met him in V-World looking like a hot nerd, so I wonder what she is up to? I laughed out loud when she opted for the Clark Kent disguise of eyeglasses but Philo still recognized her. Perhaps Zoe sees an opportunity to continue proselytizing and recruit someone else to STO…

One final observation: Does Daniel live in the house that Baltar will eventually live in some 60 years later?

Oh, yeah? Sez you!

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