DOCTOR WHO Series 5: New Trailer debuts!

Weeping Angel

Updated for Whovians in the USA!
The next episode Yanks will see, on May 1, is “Victory of the Daleks,” by Mark Gatiss. Here is a link to find the preview package.

The new trailer for Series 5 of DOCTOR WHO has been broadcast in the U.K., and I must say that I enjoyed it immensely. Check it out for yourself here.

Made up of all new material (which explains the blue vortex in this promotional image), the trailer give us a few seconds of the Doctor (Matt Smith) and Amy (Karen Gillan) bonding while looking at the stars before the ground opens and we get glimpses of monsters new (the Beast thing, which I hear is called a Smiler and appears to have two faces) and old – a Dalek and a Weeping Angel. With the Angel bearing down on them, the Doctor hurls Amy to safety and takes on the beastie hand-to-hand! That’s a hero! And that lizard-like thing bursting out of the ground could be a redesigned Silurian. But whatever it is…ya gotta love it.

What I like about Matt’s portrayal here is that he is playing the Doctor as self-assured and experienced, in contrast to his youthful appearance. The way he says to Amy, “Where do you want to start?” shows he has confidence in himself and his capabilities (as well has his ability to keep a companion safe). The last time we had a youthful Doctor, his fifth persona (Peter Davison) was rather more tentative – and that totally worked in contrast to the Fourth Doctor’s (Tom Baker) casual brilliance. The new Time Lord also doesn’t go overboard in the opposite direction, like the abrasive Sixth Doctor (Colin Baker). I was a little wary that the 11th incarnation was going to counteract the godlike final days of his 10th persona (David Tennant) by coming back all nervous and self-doubting. But that’s not Steven Moffatt. Moffatt knows what he’s doing, and this trailer (which builds on the first one) indicates he’s doing it right.

“Who are you?” Amy asks him. “I’m the Doctor,” he replies, matter-of-factly.

How long until April 17 here in the States? (Easter, for those lucky ducks in the U.K.)

CAPRICA 1.4: Driving Mrs. Graystone

Amanda and Daniel

After successive episodes that ended with jaw-dropping twists, this week’s installment of CAPRICA was a far quieter affair. It felt like the show paused to catch its breath while giving the actors a chance to breathe in character. Paula Malcomson, Eric Stoltz, Esai Morales and Sasha Roiz got to emote bog-time, and Polly Walker added a little more depth to Sister Clarice. All this made for another impressive episode.

The main story thread continued to deal with the fallout of the bombing of the MLMT train. GDD agent Jordan Durham (Brian Markinson) stepped up his investigation into the Soldiers of The One, conducting a high-profile (and thoroughly thuggish) search of the lockers at the Athena Academy, as well as a more polite tossing of the Graystone residence. Jordan is all about chasing down the terrorists who blew up the train. “I lost everyone on that train,” he tells Amanda. Later, he tells his partner, Agent Youngblood, that he feels responsible for everyone, not just family members. His searches turn up no evidence terrorist activity (beyond an infinity symbol), but Jordan is strangely comforted by the idea the school and the home were “too clean.” So coming up empty-handed strangely reinforced Jordan’s dedication to the cause. I liked this little chunk of characterization.
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