Doctor Who Series 5: New promos!

Amy and the Doctor

Updated for Whovians in the USA!

The End is Nigh! After the shocking events of “The Pandorica Opens,” Matt Smith‘s brilliant initial season in the TARDIS wraps up this week with “The Big Bang.” Can the Doctor overcome the odds and save not only the entire universe, but himself? Check out the official preview page at BBC America.

It’s all been leading up to this: “The Pandorica Opens” kicks off the two-part finale of Matt Smith‘s debut season as the 11th Doctor. What is a Pandorica and why is it opening? How did Prisoner Zero know this would happen? And what did he/she/it mean when he/she/it said, “Silence will fall”? Check out the BBC America official preview page, then watch on June 17.

“The Lodger” is the next episode to be seen in America, on Saturday, July 10 (following a respite for the July 4 weekend). From all indications, it’s a sort of deep breath before the events of the big finale. Get prepared by checking out BBC America’s preview page.

After the shocking finale of “Cold Blood,” Whovians in the USA will see “Vincent and the Doctor” this Saturday. Check out the previews at the official BBC site, as well as BBC America’s page.

If you are in the USA like me, we will get to see “Cold Blood,” on June 19. Check out a link to BBC America’s preview page.

Next up in the USA is “The Hungry Earth,” on June 12. BBC America has a preview here.

USA fans will see “The Vampires of Venice” on May 22. Click here for a preview post.

On May 1, USA fans will see “Victory of the Daleks,” by Mark Gatiss. Here is a link to find the preview package.

Original post follows…
Exciting news, Whovians! The BBC released a great new promo image for the new series, the first featuring the 11th Doctor — and a brand new trailer is expected to debut on Saturday in the UK. (Tough luck for us here in the colonies… [ETA: The second trailer has indeed been released]) Further, a special 3D trailer is rumored to be attached to Tim Burton‘s new Alice in Wonderland movie. No official launch date has been announced, but rumors hint Series 5 (thankfully, the BBC seems to have come to its senses and will not reboot the numbering to Series 1) could kick off with an episode called “The Eleventh Hour” on March 13. However, it seems more likely Steven Moffatt‘s Doctor will swing into action in April.

Personally, I love this new image: The Doctor and his assistant adrift in the vortex… Karen Gillan looks terrific as Amy Pond, and Matt Smith‘s Doctor seems ready for anything — be it danger or fun! Don’t blink, because there’s a Weeping Angel in the background, as well as a dastardly Dalek. I have no idea who/what that new monster is in the lower-right corner, but I must confess it looks a little disappointing. My first impression: a demon maid from hell! (ETA: It’s apparently called a Smiler)

Alternate version

I found an alternate version with the background monsters switched around a bit and the scowling newbie omitted.

Until someone comes to the rescue of USA fans with appropriate links to the material, we Yanks will have to occupy ourselves with the existing Series 5 trailer, which I discuss here. Alons-y…er, I mean… Geronimo…?

ETA: I am now finding suggestions that the grimacing new monster is actually the title creature from the second story, “The Beast Below.”

Speaking of story names, I might as well mention the announced titles:
1. “The Eleventh Hour”
2. “The Beast Below”
3. “Victory of the Daleks”
4/5. “The Time of Angels”
6. “Vampires of Venice”

I have seen some titles for the rest of the season bandied about, but it’s probably too early to put too much stock in. Plus, this far out, things could change.

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