CAPRICA 1.3: An Adama Named Joseph

Daniel and Joseph

The latest CAPRICA saw some characters undergo big changes: Amanda (Paula Malcomson) was compelled to resign her position at the hospital, and husband Daniel’s (Eric Stoltz) company took a financial pounding even as he endured a physical beating from Sam Adama (Sasha Roiz). The Graystones had been on top of the 12 worlds, but now they are pariahs.

But perhaps no one has changed as radically — and certainly as willfully — as Joseph Adama (Esai Morales). As the bloody pulp that was Daniel gasped “Adams” at his tormentor, Joseph sneered, “It’s ‘Adama’ now,” signaling his transformation from genteel gangster who engaged in polite bribery, into a guy who ordered his brother to pound Daniel; a thug who literally gets blood on his hands. But Joseph is still completely devoted to his daughter, just like any other doting father. In fact, one could argue that Tamara (Genevieve Buechner) and her mother Shannon (Anna Galvin) — or, more precisely, their loss — are fueling Joseph’s descent into the criminal underworld of the Ha’la’tha. And it is a descent that is rapidly spiralling out of control. Witness Joseph casually suggesting to Sam that he should take out Amanda Graystone to “even out” the two families’ losses. That shocking order constituted the second jaw-dropping CAPRICA ending in two weeks.

In comedy, timing is everything, so it was wonderfully fortuitous that CAPRICA trotted out its version of Jay Leno, a TV host named Baxter Sarno (Patton Oswald), just after the late-night flap on SyFy’s parent network, NBC made headlines for weeks. It is oddly comforting to know that Leno’s brand of bland humor was an entertainment fixture even way back then.

We got another piece of the puzzle that unites Zoe Graystone with the Soldiers of The One, when Sister Clarice (Polly Walker) reported to a superior at STO in a booth that looked suspiciously like a confessional. Clarice claimed that Zoe (Alessandra Torresani) was given the spark of life “personally.” Was she referring to the real Zoe being able to activate her avatar, or did she mean the avatar itself is alive? Clarice seemed convinced that Zoe will “save” everyone through “apotheosis” — which means the process of becoming a god. But which Zoe? Was achieving godhood the important mission that awaited Zoe on Gemenon? Does divinity await CylonZoe there? The avatar seems to share her maker’s determination to carry on. Now if only she can figure out what that mission is.

“Can you be free if you’re not real?” Lacy (Magda Apanowicz) asked her. “I hope so,” Zoe replied. It should be exciting and fun to see her try.

Oh, yeah? Sez you!

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