General Hospital’s Not-so-Lucky Elizabeth

GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Lucky and his sister teamed up to blast his brother and treacherous fiancée, putting a new spin on the idea of sibling rivalry.

It may have been a long (long, long) time coming, but the moment when Lucky confronted Elizabeth was entirely worth the wait. The longer the secret affair dragged on, the more Lucky looked like an idiot. He’s supposed to be a detective, yet he could not detect the clues in his own family? No wonder gangsters run roughshod over Port Charles!

Jonathan Jackson really knocked it out of the park when Lucky put the knock on Liz and his conniving brother. Lucky’s anger came across as righteous indignation, and the wrath of a man wronged. Jackson’s face was so contorted with pain and anguish that his red eyes almost appeared to be bleeding! He was like a vengeance demon. And he was entirely in the right.

But perhaps my favorite part was the way that Liz had to stand there and take it; she had no recourse. She is a lying, cheating tramp. And Lucky went through quite a litany of pejoratives as he blasted her. But he did not simply criticize her. He also opened up about his own pain, and let her know that this was not merely an intellectual exercise; he was personally wounded by her betrayal. The script rose to the occasion, giving Lucky just the right words to excoriate his faithless fiancée. And Rebecca Herbst picked up the gauntlet Jackson threw down with his performance. If anything, her part was even more difficult, because Elizabeth had to swallow what Lucky was dishing out; meaning Herbst mostly had to react. She did it with body language and facial expressions. Herbst seemed to almost shrink under Jackson’s relentless verbal assault, and she cried without blubbering, which would have drawn focus to her. Herbst and Jackson perfectly complemented each other. Nikolas was essentially reduced to a bystander as Lucky concentrated his scorn on Liz, but the treacherous brother was no mere accessory; it took two to tango — and tangle up three lives.

Perhaps the only way to follow Lucky’s tirade was with Lulu shredding Elizabeth at the hospital, in front of a rapt throng. Lulu (Julie Marie Berman) nearly exceeded her brother’s vehemence by not skimping on the venom. She called Liz virtually every name allowed on commercial TV. Lulu’s indignation on her brother’s behalf was breathtaking, and truly merciless. And, once more, Elizabeth just stood there and took it, even when Lulu drew in Liz’s historical tendency to stray. My favorite part of the diatribe was Lulu pointing out how Elizabeth’s tryst with Jason did not simply happen; she had to go out of her way to make it happen – climbing many flights of stairs during a blackout to get to Jason’s penthouse!

Well, Elizabeth is going to have to action – and work pretty damn hard, to come back from this one. Let’s see if Herbst and the-powers-that-be can redeem this character…

3 thoughts on “General Hospital’s Not-so-Lucky Elizabeth

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  2. I could not agree with you more. I have read some reviews that believed that this was gh once again making it seem as though it is ok for men to cheat and not for women or that it was just another way for guza to show his dislike of women, but what i saw was two people who were so held up by the past that they hadnt learned to live in the present and now they are paying the price for it. i saw two people whose world had ended and they knew it. through out this entire storyline and many storylines before i havent been much of a liz fan (for reasons spelled out quiet amazingly by lulu) but rebecca has always managed to play everything that has been thrown at her with grace and understated beauty. and jj, well all i can say is that he has really grown up and has proven it over and over again.


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