General Hospital’s Not-so-Lucky Elizabeth

GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Lucky and his sister teamed up to blast his brother and treacherous fiancée, putting a new spin on the idea of sibling rivalry.

It may have been a long (long, long) time coming, but the moment when Lucky confronted Elizabeth was entirely worth the wait. The longer the secret affair dragged on, the more Lucky looked like an idiot. He’s supposed to be a detective, yet he could not detect the clues in his own family? No wonder gangsters run roughshod over Port Charles!

Jonathan Jackson really knocked it out of the park when Lucky put the knock on Liz and his conniving brother. Lucky’s anger came across as righteous indignation, and the wrath of a man wronged. Jackson’s face was so contorted with pain and anguish that his red eyes almost appeared to be bleeding! He was like a vengeance demon. And he was entirely in the right.
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