Make It or Break It: Payson Stays Broke

Lauren, Emily, Payson and Kaylie

MAKE IT OR BREAK IT is getting more and more soapy as it goes along. The-powers-that-be realized it is not a sports series, and thus ramped up the drama, and now, following the winter hiatus they are really upping the soap opera factor. While reigning national gymnastics champion Kaylie (Josie Loren) tries to balance the demands of new fame and jealous peers — not to mention her surly relationship with men’s champion Nicky (Cody Longo) – my favorite storyline is Payson’s struggle with career-ending injury.

Payson (Ayla Kell) has been coming into her own as a coach-like mentor while steadfastly refusing to embrace the role, because that would mean she had officially given up on making an athletic comeback. This has led to her becoming more and more detached from reality – to the point where she is planning to win the national title next year. Even Summer began to wonder if some kind of miracle cure might allow Payson to rebound from a broken back and return to the mats. Now, if this were a daytime soap, we viewers could be certain that she would find that magic cure. But MIOBI is a nighttime soap, and thus it eschews the facile, “inspirational” path. Payson’s admirer Nicky weaseled her an appointment with the best spine expert in the country, and the table was set for her Lourdes-like rebirth. Well, it didn’t happen. The top back man in the world assured Payson that her spinal damage is inoperable. Payson was so worked up with hope, and then so crushed. Kell did a wonderful job depicting Payson’s bubbling, cheerfully positive mania in the run-up to her consult, but was subtle with Payson’s grief. Kudos to Peri Gilpin for her moving portrayal of Kim’s pain, embarrassment and helplessness in the face of her daughter’s injury. “I let myself hope,” Kim sobbed.

The other big storyline, M.J. pushing for more and more media “exposure” for Kaylie and Nicky, is pure wish-fulfillment for an audience dreaming of celebrity. (Think about it: Who is the current national champion in the real world? Is her name on everyone’s lips?) And M.J.’s latest maneuver is no doubt familiar to GENERAL HOSPITAL viewers: M.J. insisted Kaylie and Nicky walk the red carpet as a couple at a celebrity event, just like Maxie and Johnny did for Crimson – even though Nicky would rather spend his time with someone else (that would be Payson), just like Johnny. Meanwhile, as Kaylie struggled to deal with Lauren’s (Cassie Scerbo) extreme jealousy, Lauren made the first gesture by pulling Kaylie out of an afterparty just before it was crashed by scandal-seeking paparazzi. But more importantly, she apologized for sleeping with Kaylie’s boyfriend, Carter. The girls shared a cry, and Lauren promised to stay away from Carter – but neglected to mention that she’s sheltering him in her house because he’s currently homeless. And, don’t forget that Emily’s mom, Chloe (Susan Ward; ex-Meg, SUNSET BEACH), ended up on a blind date with Steve (Anthony Starke), Lauren’s estranged Dad.

See? MIOBI is really lathering up the soapiness.

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