Up (2009)

As I mentioned in my entry Movies I Loved (and Hated) in 2009, I missed seeing the heralded animated feature Up in the cinema. Well, it finally floated to the top of my Netflix queue, so I cued it up. Here is my review…

Up, up, and away!

Up certainly is an uplifting animated film, but I have to confess that I think it’s overrated. Highly overrated, in fact. There is plenty to like about it: Mr. Fredricksen is a more complicated character than one usually sees in animated movies, and his personal history included more than a little melancholy.

The story sees 78-year-old Carl Fredricksen finally fulfill a lifelong dream to travel by air to South America (His reasons are succinctly explained, and sufficiently tear-jerking.) – by floating his entire house there using more than 20,000 helium balloons. Once up in the air, he realizes he has a reluctant stowaway in Russell, an 8-year-old budding Wilderness Explorer working on a merit badge for “helping the elderly.” Once in South America, Fredrickson and Russell get tangled up in strange events that include lost animals, talking dogs, skyships and a face from Fredrickson’s past.
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