THE PLAN: It All Comes Together, and I Love It!

Cavil and Sharon

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA: THE PLAN reveals that yes, there was a Plan – to kill all the humans — but it went wrong, and then the humanoid cylons frakked up. Because to err is human. No one was supposed to be alive — humans or cylons. The skinjobs were supposed to be pre-positioned to cause destruction, not forced to mop up afterward. But as the skinjobs lived among the humans, they began to fall in love, and as Six told Cavil, “You can’t declare war on love.”

It’s great to see new scenes with our old friends. The story fills in blanks left in the regular series; THE PLAN doesn’t so much fill in gaps as expand on what was hinted at happening offscreen. We saw things from the other side, including how Cavil (Dean Stockwell) controlled Sharon (Grace Park) — using a carving of an elephant that activated post-hypnotic suggestions — why Ellen Tigh (Kate Vernon) did not show up immediately, and exactly how the Shelly version of Six (Tricia Helfer) disappeared so completely after trying to discredit Baltar and his cylon-detecting machine. The Simons (Rick Worthy) were the least-developed model in the series, but here the 4s get major attention. Cavil spent the entirety of the series trying to get the cylons in the fleet to pick up the pieces.
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