“The End of Time”: a Quintessential Davies Story

Rassilon, the Doctor and the Master

“The End of Time” was sure to be the biggest DOCTOR WHO story of the year, and for the occasion show-runner Russell T Davies crafted what might be considered the quintessential “Davies” story, one that showcased his strengths and weaknesses.

Perhaps Davies’ greatest attribute as a storyteller is that he’s an idea man. He comes up with big concepts, interesting concepts, fun concepts, and concepts that are perfectly suited to his cast. But the execution does not always live up to a story’s potential. Which is what I thought happened here: Davies set up a grand threat from two Gallifreyan foes: Rassilon (Timothy Dalton), the founder of Time Lord society, and the Master (John Simm), that society’s greatest villain. However, the story did not quite follow through.
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