HEROES Is Bleeding Out

Heroes' Claire

Well, HEROES returned from hiatus with a two-hour “event” that, truth be told, was more of a non-event. As soon as I heard Mohinder’s navel-gazing voice-over in the opening frames, I knew the show hadn’t changed, and I was in for a long night. (To be fair, I’ve always hated Dr. Suresh’s monologues, even back in the halcyon days of the first season.) “Events” kicked off with Claire moping around the sinister Sullivan Brothers carnival, lugging boxes of teddy bears (Her nickname is Claire-Bear, get it?) while Eli the replicating man did his impression of the world’s least-subtle spy. (I actually could not help wondering if Hayden Panettiere identified with her character being stalked by creepy older guys, LOL.)

Elsewhere, Hiro’s (Masi Oka) plotline had him talking in complete gibberish –which was sort of a microcosm of the series itself. HEROES used to be about the sense of wonder that came from being special, It was important to be different; it was cool to be different. Now what is the show? What is HEROES trying to say? Apparently nothing, as it has devolved into a self-referential muddle with no direction.

The only aspect of the show I can count on is that Noah (Jack Coleman) will be cool. Remember when HRG was a cipher with shadowy motives? Well, he is still the personification of awesome, but the show has withered around him. Even Sylar has been reduced to a parody of himself — rendered literally so impotent that he cannot even slice open skulls anymore. Clearly conflicted by the popularity of Zachary Quinto (now known as Star Trek‘s Spock), who plays a bad guy, the-powers-that-be have handcuffed themselves by trying to split the difference between treating Sylar like a villain and a reformed baddie. Clearly, a cute-and-cuddly Sylar is not working. TPTB should either revive Sylar the unstoppable killing machine, or redeem him all the way. At this point, the only character who rivals Sylar as a sad-sack is Peter (Milo Ventimiglia), who is obsessed with literally chasing ambulances in a sad attempt to “make a difference.”

Well, HEROES certainly is “different” lately. (Although not too different from where the season began.) And in this case, different is a bad thing. One of last night’s episodes was called “Let It Bleed.” Well, the show is bleeding out…

Oh, yeah? Sez you!

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