A Thought (or three) about “The End of Time”… (spoiler-ish)

(If you’re the type who prefers to avoid even conjecture, you’d best skip this. Come back later and tell me how I did…)

I am waiting until I see the whole of “The End of Time” to comment extensively on David Tennant’s swan song as the 10th Doctor on DOCTOR WHO, but I did want to note that I enjoyed Part 1, which contained some of Tennant’s very finest work ever. I was disappointed, however, to see the Master played so completely for camp. Sure, Anthony Ainley was always over-the-top, and maybe it’s just the Old Fan in me who cannot accept that the dark menace of the Roger Delgado incarnation is long gone, but I think John Simm is totally capable of being just as menacing as the Third Doctor’s nemesis. I’m hoping Part 2 finds the Master being Evil while his army of duplicates handles the comedy.

On another note, I’m going to take a risk and go on record as guessing that Timothy Dalton is playing a new incarnation of the renegade Time Lord Omega. His reappearance fits Ood Sigma’s prophecy (and meshes with the Greek letter theme) of a return; he’s a classic Big Bad who once required the combined wits of the first three Doctors to defeat and then dragged the Fifth Doctor to Amsterdam; he existed in the antimatter universe so he knew it was possible to leave this universe and avoid the Time War; Omega can manipulate the interdimensional doorway known as the Arc of Infinity; the Fifth Doctor may have destroyed his physical body in this world, but just ask the Master how much of an impediment that really is; and Omega totally wants the Doctor dead. So there you go: Dalton is Omega.

Another, long-shot possibility? A new version of Borusa. He is, after all, immortal – even if he was trapped in the Tomb of Rassilon. He’s had a long time to lure somebody else into the Death Zone and steal a young, healthy body. And the topper: Who would expect a young Borusa?

Oh, yeah? Sez you!

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