Soap Opera Weekly: 10/8/09

I think Wednesday night is the perfect time for Fox’s GLEE. We all need a boost in the middle of week, and the Mckinley High gang is right there to offer some high-octane song-and-dance along with LOL lines. GLEE never fails to entertain me with its mixture of great music, vivid characters and raunchy comedy.

Even this week’s slightly sub-par episode was still better than most of the rest of what’s on the air. (Let’s face it, last week’s show, featuring that guest appearance by Kristin Chenoweth was a highlight of the fall season so far.) There were only two musical numbers this week, but they were doozies! The rest of the episode started to chip away at the harpy facade of Jessalyn Gilsig‘s Terri, hinting (but only hinting) at the humanity hidden (deep) below the surface. But at least Terri is an entertaining monster: Witness her obliviously handing out pseudoephedrine to the glee club while acting as school nurse. Terri’s jealousy of Will’s connection to mousy Emma really boosted the soap quotient. Terri and Ken teamed up to derail Will’s friendship with Emma so they could claim the pieces for themselves. Boorish slob Ken and doe-eyed germophobe Emma are a riot together. His marriage proposal and her acceptance with (hilarious) conditions was pure soap opera! So is Quinn and Finn struggle with her unwanted pregnancy. AS THE WORLD TURNS is doing practically the same storyline right now! Only without the singing. Maybe that’s what Liberty and co. need: a rousing rendition of “Don’t Stop Believin’.” I know I sure believe in GLEE!

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