Soap Opera Weekly: 9/25/09

Maxie’s dream — make that nightmare — of domestic life after marriage on Friday’s GENERAL HOSPITAL was hilarious. Everything made sense as exaggerated versions of her own fears and the criticisms of others. The specter of Spinelli morphing into a stone-cold mobster has kept Mac up nights. “Men of danger don’t cave in the face of nagging wives,” DreamSpinelli snarked while the children screamed and a stark-raving-mad Mac babbled. There was more than just Maxie’s professional jealousy in the vision of Lulu becoming a fashion mogul; there was also personal jealousy, since Spinelli used to crush on “the original Blonde One.” So it was only natural to envision being replaced by her in the fashion world — and in the Jackal’s heart. Only one note rang false: Would fashionista Maxie really dress so shabbily? Then again, that was probably the point…she would be that far removed from her true self.

After Maxie woke up, she addressed Felicia’s absence by noting that she convinced herself it was better to not even contact. Maxie also acknowledged late sister Georgie’s love for Spinelli. The Jackal himself explained why his grandmother was skipping the nuptials: She used a bingo outing as a transparent excuse to avoid a union she did not believe would last. Poor Damien.

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