Soap Opera Weekly: 9/18/09

Today saw the final installment of GUIDING LIGHT, and while I’m sure many others will pen far more eloquent eulogies, I can contribute a small personal note about what GL has meant to me professionally. Back when she was playing GL’s Marah, Lindsey McKeon was the very first soap opera actress I ever interviewed. I remember that she was quite charming, and I got a nice feature piece out of it — as long as I remembered to spell Lindsey with an “E.” She popped up a few months ago in prime-time, on SUPERNATURAL, so talking to me did not ruin her entire career!

All these many years later, I was charmed by the (tragic) happy ending to GL’s 72-year saga. It was a brave choice to give everyone a happy ending. Yes, even Alan’s death turned out to be all for the best. I can’t help thinking that the blustery cigar aficionado would have loved ending up as a pile of ashes. I was most happy to see Josh and Reva wind up together. Sure, Jeffrey was left in limbo, but I like to think of him out there somewhere, endlessly pursuing Edmund; happy in his own way. But not as happy as the denizens of Springfield. Rick saved a patient — and got the girl!

While I join all GL fans in mourning the passing of a historic series that practically defined “soap opera,” at least it was a good end. I could take a page from Dylan Thomas and “rage, rage against the dying of the light,” but I am at peace with letting GL “go gentle into that good night.”

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