Soap Opera Weekly: 9/16/09

With GUIDING LIGHT getting the (deserved) lion’s share of attention this week, let’s not forget the other good shows still on the air. Take today’s AS THE WORLD TURNS, for example. The script absolutely crackled with great, witty dialogue, and the actors rose to the challenge.

The key event was Faith walking in on Lily and Damian in the afterglow of making love. The child was fairly traumatized! When Luke called his mother on the carpet for sleeping with his biological father, Lily’s first instinct was to wail, “I should have locked the door!” How hilariously, and inappropriately, appropriate. (Remember, there are no locks on doors in Soapland) Damian got his, too, when Meg cracked him across the cheek. “Was Holden’s side of the bed still warm?” she hissed. Way to go Meg. She made him feel dirty for what he did; you could see it on Paolo Seganti‘s face.

To Lily’s credit, she faced the children and tried to explain — but how could she, when Faith stomped off, screaming, “I’ll hate you for the rest of my life!” Ashley Marie Greiner delivered Faith’s fantastic, snarky lines with aplomb. Meanwhile, Noelle Beck and Van Hansis were working overtime to make viewers feel Lily’s pain and Luke’s confused, protective rage.

When Lily claimed to be “only human,” Luke raged, “Mom, that is so lame!” But this episode wasn’t! Displaced GL viewers should consider moving to Oakdale…

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