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Soap Opera Weekly: 9/30/09

It’s a good thing that AS THE WORLD TURNS’ Janet has volunteered to adopt Liberty’s baby, because there may be more unsuitable parental units than Paul and Emily, but I’m having trouble imagining who. Neither Paul nor Em is known for sound, responsible — or even rational — decisions (hooking, anyone?), but Paul’s history with children is particularly heinous. Can you imagine how extensively he had to lie on that adoption application to avoid being dismissed out of hand? The adoption agency must be well out of town to not have heard about Paul, the amazing dead/alive serial babynapper.

Liberty wanted Parker to attend the session to hear his opinions and, lo and behold, she actually asked him for his impressions of Paul and Emily, and listened to him. Okay, so Parker does not have the whole story about Paul, and his perceptions were understandably colored by Paul’s friendship during that period when Carly fled the country with Simon. But he knew about Eliza being kidnapped by her loopy dad, and expressed concerns about it. However, he also should have tried to pin Emily down about Daniel, the son no one ever sees anymore. Parker would most likely know that Danny has been warehoused at boarding school, and with his own brother J.J. similarly off the canvas,

Viewers could sense that Liberty was going to make the soft-hearted (wrong) decision, but at least it came out of her character. Liberty noted how she hates talking about embarrassing developments in her own life, and was painfully reluctant to grill Emily about her past indiscretions — even though those “mistakes” included major felonies like kidnapping and attempted murder. But that’s Liberty; she’s full of empathy. Paul and Em, however, are full of…er, B.S.

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Soap Opera Weekly: 9/25/09

Maxie’s dream — make that nightmare — of domestic life after marriage on Friday’s GENERAL HOSPITAL was hilarious. Everything made sense as exaggerated versions of her own fears and the criticisms of others. The specter of Spinelli morphing into a stone-cold mobster has kept Mac up nights. “Men of danger don’t cave in the face of nagging wives,” DreamSpinelli snarked while the children screamed and a stark-raving-mad Mac babbled. There was more than just Maxie’s professional jealousy in the vision of Lulu becoming a fashion mogul; there was also personal jealousy, since Spinelli used to crush on “the original Blonde One.” So it was only natural to envision being replaced by her in the fashion world — and in the Jackal’s heart. Only one note rang false: Would fashionista Maxie really dress so shabbily? Then again, that was probably the point…she would be that far removed from her true self.

After Maxie woke up, she addressed Felicia’s absence by noting that she convinced herself it was better to not even contact. Maxie also acknowledged late sister Georgie’s love for Spinelli. The Jackal himself explained why his grandmother was skipping the nuptials: She used a bingo outing as a transparent excuse to avoid a union she did not believe would last. Poor Damien.

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Soap Opera Weekly: 9/23/09

I promise, AS THE WORLD TURNS, I really am trying to suspend my disbelief for the story of Holden being imprisoned by Eb and Maeve in Kentucky. But the contrived circumstances just keep getting in the way.

The less said about the cardboard Eb, the better. He’s written as a lazy stereotype-cum-boogeyman. Hit him with a shovel, he just keeps coming! And the way Lily, Luke, Damian and co. have been coming to Kentucky in the blink of an eye, the entire state might as well be a suburb of Chicago. Holden had numerous chances to disarm Eb, escape or even just cry out when a trooper came to the door. But no — time and again Holden made boneheaded choices that resulted in his quick recapture. (Note to Holden: Next time, take the gun with you!)

The Kentucky state troopers can’t even find a local accent, let alone any bodies, evidence or suspects. Remember how they let the wreckage of Holden’s vehicle burn at the foot of the cliff forever (apparently all the firefighters were otherwise engaged.) And when Damian refused treatment for his gunshot wound today, the EMTs packed up and walked away — leaving Mr. Grimaldi perched on their gurney. (Good luck getting your security deposit back without that, boys!) Time and again, Damian — a non-relative — was given confidential information. This is exactly the reason why privacy laws exist.

I know budget concerns preclude casting a crowd of emergency workers and elaborate sets, but clever writing can be accomplished on a budget without selling out believability.

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Soap Opera Weekly: 9/22/09

Can anyone think of a reason why Nathan Fillion is not one of the biggest stars around? His star vehicle, CASTLE, owes its success entirely to his lead character. This is basically, “MURDER, HE WROTE,” but Fillion (ex-Joey, ONE LIFE TO LIVE) is so charming that the premise doesn’t really matter; it’s just an excuse for Fillion (ex-Mal, FIREFLY) to smirk and deliver the show’s best one-liners. Sure, co-star Stana Katic (ex-Hana, HEROES) gets in her licks as Detective Beckett, and the able supporting cast (including GENERAL HOSPITAL’s former Ian Devlin, Seamus Dever)…er, supports ably, but it’s still Nathan’s show. Take this line from last night’s second-season premiere: Upon discovering a corpse with all its internal organs carved out, Castle declared, “Somebody hated his guts.” Okay, so it’s not a gut-buster or even shockingly original, but it’s damn funny and Fillion delivered it with aplomb. The killer turned out to be… ah, nobody really cares. This series isn’t about the hunt for a killer, it’s about the people hunting for a killer. And the chemistry between Fillion and Molly C. Quinn, who plays Castle’s daughter, Alexis, is fantastic (even if Alexis is just a little too perfect to be believed).

Killing and mayhem and fathers and daughters all figured into the fourth-season premiere of HEROES last night, as well. But most of it was far less compelling than on CASTLE. I love watching Hayden Panettiere and Jack Coleman play out the Claire/Noah father/daughter dynamic. And it was funny that Claire’s roommate from hell was played by a fellow soap vet, DAYS OF OUR LIVES’ Rachel Melvin. I know Claire will get along much better with Gretchen, played by Madeline Zima (Mia, CALIFORNICATION). It was a little hard to judge where the season will go from here because the two-hour block was dedicated to setting the stage for what’s to come. But Robert Knepper (ex-T-bag, PRISON BREAK) has the potential to turn Sam Sullivan into a classic villain. I’m taking a wait-and-see attitude with HEROES — as in, I’m waiting to see what the deal is with that freaky tattoo ink…

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Soap Opera Weekly: 9/18/09

Today saw the final installment of GUIDING LIGHT, and while I’m sure many others will pen far more eloquent eulogies, I can contribute a small personal note about what GL has meant to me professionally. Back when she was playing GL’s Marah, Lindsey McKeon was the very first soap opera actress I ever interviewed. I remember that she was quite charming, and I got a nice feature piece out of it — as long as I remembered to spell Lindsey with an “E.” She popped up a few months ago in prime-time, on SUPERNATURAL, so talking to me did not ruin her entire career!

All these many years later, I was charmed by the (tragic) happy ending to GL’s 72-year saga. It was a brave choice to give everyone a happy ending. Yes, even Alan’s death turned out to be all for the best. I can’t help thinking that the blustery cigar aficionado would have loved ending up as a pile of ashes. I was most happy to see Josh and Reva wind up together. Sure, Jeffrey was left in limbo, but I like to think of him out there somewhere, endlessly pursuing Edmund; happy in his own way. But not as happy as the denizens of Springfield. Rick saved a patient — and got the girl!

While I join all GL fans in mourning the passing of a historic series that practically defined “soap opera,” at least it was a good end. I could take a page from Dylan Thomas and “rage, rage against the dying of the light,” but I am at peace with letting GL “go gentle into that good night.”

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Soap Opera Weekly: 9/16/09

With GUIDING LIGHT getting the (deserved) lion’s share of attention this week, let’s not forget the other good shows still on the air. Take today’s AS THE WORLD TURNS, for example. The script absolutely crackled with great, witty dialogue, and the actors rose to the challenge.

The key event was Faith walking in on Lily and Damian in the afterglow of making love. The child was fairly traumatized! When Luke called his mother on the carpet for sleeping with his biological father, Lily’s first instinct was to wail, “I should have locked the door!” How hilariously, and inappropriately, appropriate. (Remember, there are no locks on doors in Soapland) Damian got his, too, when Meg cracked him across the cheek. “Was Holden’s side of the bed still warm?” she hissed. Way to go Meg. She made him feel dirty for what he did; you could see it on Paolo Seganti‘s face.

To Lily’s credit, she faced the children and tried to explain — but how could she, when Faith stomped off, screaming, “I’ll hate you for the rest of my life!” Ashley Marie Greiner delivered Faith’s fantastic, snarky lines with aplomb. Meanwhile, Noelle Beck and Van Hansis were working overtime to make viewers feel Lily’s pain and Luke’s confused, protective rage.

When Lily claimed to be “only human,” Luke raged, “Mom, that is so lame!” But this episode wasn’t! Displaced GL viewers should consider moving to Oakdale…

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Soap Opera Weekly: 9/11/09

Dear Diary,
OMG, it finally happened — THE VAMPIRE DIARIES premiered on The CW last night! But why do I feel sorta dirty the morning after? Over the course of the whole show, I swapped IMs with my colleague Mala, who was horrified by what she saw — and not in a good way.

Basically, the pilot episode seemed to be trying too hard to evoke Twilight while simultaneously trying not to be a carbon copy. Elena (Nina Dobrev)was changed from a blonde golden girl to a morose, slightly clumsy gal who literally runs into Stefan while she’s emerging from the boy’s room. And Stefan can’t help but remind viewers of that other, sparkly, high school vampire. My biggest question about Stefan is, why was trying so hard to get into high school — to the point of hypnotizing an administrator? Did he already know Elena was a student there, or did he get lucky to find a doppelganger for his lost love in history class? Being a centuries-old vampire helps compensate for the fact that Paul Wesley (ex-Max, GUIDING LIGHT) looks too old for high school. And lucky for vampires, leather jackets and sunglasses are eternally cool, so he doesn’t have to change his wardrobe. (Apparently a foray into grunge was a disaster.) Does anyone else remember that Paul played werewolf Luke on WOLF LAKE?

Stefan’s adversarial relationship with his brother, Damon (Ian Somerhalder, ex-Boone, LOST), was the best thing about the show. Brotherly banter was taken to extreme with vamp strength, and Damon’s smirking self-assurance was a great counterbalance to Stefan’s emo brooding.

I was hoping the eponymous diaries would be metaphorical, but sadly, they were all too real — and used to justify cloying narration. (Stefan was not a diarist in the books, but that is only one of the numerous changes in this small-screen adaptation of the young-adult series). As if the narration wasn’t bad enough, there was also one of those closing musical montages that I find so odious and unoriginal.

Well, Diary, that’s all for now. See you next time!

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