Soap Opera Weekly: Read at Joe’s 8/7/09

Michael Westen really got himself worked into a soapy lather in the “summer finale” of BURN NOTICE. Just when things seemed to be coming together for him, it all fell apart. Fiona walked out on him just when Michael was finally getting some traction with her. She fretted that he couldn’t let go of his past because he was obsessed with getting his old job back by working with sleazeball Strickland. It seemed to be working: Strickland got his case reopened at the highest levels. Michael saw getting back in from the cold as making things safer for everyone, bit Fiona saw him as dwelling in the past. Speaking of dwelling in the past, Madeleine revealed she was selling Michael’s childhood home. That made him all nostalgic, and he actually mooned over old photos of Fi and a box of old toys! But Fiona had her own problems with the past. Paul Blackthorne (ex-Steven, 24) played O’Neill, a thug who wanted to drag Fiona back to Ireland to face her old enemies. Of course Michael rescued her — but was it for old time’s sake, or a new beginning? Michael was forced to kill Strickland, but that only brought a new threat to town — a new hitter intent on killing Michael. In this case, he was probably better off with the devil he knew. (New episodes resume this winter.)

ROYAL PAINS also got more than a little personal, as Hank and Jill dealt with the awkwardness of having sex after “breaking up.” Meanwhile, Divya had to fool her visiting parents into thinking she attends Wharton business school (with Evan). That plot thread hinged on viewers buying the idea that the ‘rents would be angry/disappointed to learn she went to medical school even though they wanted her to have a career in real estate. But after she saved Dad’s life with an emergency tracheotomy, they forgave her for fibbing. We also learned that Hank and Evan have Daddy issues: Their father walked out on them as kids when their mother got sick. Oh, and Jill’s ex-husband, Charlie, returned. How’s that for a series of blasts from the past?

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