Soap Opera Weekly: Read at Joe’s 7/27/09

MERLIN touched upon that old question, “Would you kill Hitler as a child?” when Merlin and Morgana sheltered a druid child. Uther wanted to execute the kid as a magic user; while the Dragon advised Merlin to let the child die otherwise he would grow up to murder Arthur. Those familiar with the mythos immediately realized they were talking about a reimagining of Mordred, but the youngster’s name was withheld until the last moment. I most enjoyed finally getting to see some flirting between Morgana and Arthur, and then the way Merlin and Morgana were each suspicious of the other’s motives for helping Mordred. Merlin even got a little insight into his own legend, when he learned the druids call him “Emrys” (which means “immortal”).

Steven Bauer (Wiseguy) appeared on MENTAL as Diego, an actor who has spent so long portraying a doctor on a soap (“22 seasons” according to him — whatever “seasons” are on a soap) that he has picked up a lot of medical savvy. The problem: He’s Arturo’s estranged father, and his diagnoses are getting under his son’s skin. Turned out Dad was disappointed because Arturo never watches his show (“It’s a soap opera,” Arturo whined) and doesn’t think his father is a “real” actor. In return, Arturo thinks Dad is doling out medical advice because he doesn’t think Arturo is a “real” doctor. This issue was not solved, but Dad did come up with a correct call on a very rare disease. He recognized a woman suffering from Mad Hatter disease due to mercury in her fillings. (Yes, this is a real affliction; I looked it up so you won’t have to.) His character once treated someone with Hatter disease. Score 1 for the soap docs!

Lingering question: Where did Dr. Gallagher get all those candles? And why was he canoodling with Jaime Ray Newman‘s (ex-Kristina, GENERAL HOSPITAL; Tess, EUREKA) Zan on a couch instead of in a bed? Does he think MENTAL is a soap opera?

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