Soap Opera Weekly: Read at Joe’s 7/7/09

So, the way I saw it, ALL MY CHILDREN’s Randi was clearly defending herself from a would-be rapist when she brained DA North. Even if she had killed him, it would have been a case of self-defense, and she would have been cleared of any homicide charges. The fact that she fled without trying to clean up the crime scene would have worked in her favor, demonstrating a panicked reaction. (Okay, it would have been messy to have to explain to Frankie why she was in North’s room — but hey, it’s better than lethal injection!)

Of course, Randi’s hasty exit provided an opening for Madison to swoop in. And who know if anyone else wandered in after the scorned woman appeared to get her licks in? In any event, by the time Randi returned, North was dead. Let’s hope the autopsy is thorough enough to reveal there were (at least) two blows, and the coroner bothers to tell the investigating officer that a subsequent impact was fatal (unlike the similar situation on GENERAL HOSPITAL, where amateur sleuth Robin figured out what Brianna’s autopsy report only hinted at).

Just because Randi has a shady past does not mean she isn’t a good girl now or that the chief of police (husband Frankie’s daddy, remember) wouldn’t believe her. But then again, I guess she’s a (former) hooker with a heart of gold, not a mind like a steel trap.

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