Soap Opera Weekly: Read at Joe’s 7/13/09

The lead-up Lizzie and Bill’s wedding today on GUIDING LIGHT was a near thing — nearly too over-the-top with its silliness. In one of those “everything that can go wrong does go wrong” scenarios, the Lewis wedding day imploded: the band canceled, leaving Bill with a couple of CDs and a boom box, and there was a ludicrous mix-up with the flowers (how could any professional florist believe a bride would order bulbs for her ceremony?) that left Lizzie holding a handful of shabby blooms. And the kicker — the invitations had the wrong date. This last bit was biggest stretch. Ashlee selected the date during a televised news conference, and Lizzie has been Lizzie obsessing for the last month over how little time she has, and keeping a day-by-day countdown. Sure, everybody likes to see a little drama and misfortune on the road to happiness, but c’mon! This crossed the line into fantasy badness. Bizzie were actually reduced to catering their own reception with Pringles and a cake cobbled together from Twinkies!

Luckily, GL had an extreme remedy for the slings and arrows of outrageous misfortune: a pal who went above and beyond. Dinah pulled together an impromptu outdoor ceremony for Bill and Lizzie that was moving in its simplicity and grace. Okay, so Reva and Jeffrey also got married outside in a potluck ceremony. But now ad-hoc weddings can be GL’s signature. With the show being canceled in September, everyone can hitched in a massive, spur-of-the-moment ceremony on Main Street (natch!), presided over by Father Ray and defrocked Rev. Josh.

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