Soap Opera Weekly: Read at Joe’s 6/30/09

MAKE IT OR BREAK IT made a big leap forward with its second episode. I’m not prepared to say this ABC Family series is going to…er, make it, but among the things it did right: evoking the late, lamented EVERWOOD with “Rocky Mountain” establishing shots that looked suspiciously similar to the Utah locations used in the earlier series; and focusing on giving the characters some personality beyond their stock types. True, these are just baby steps, but viewers got hints about why hard-driven Payson was so upset with Marty leaving, and why Lauren would expose best pal Kaylie’s secret affair with Carter. Note to producers: Spend the time to bulk up Lauren’s character, because a good villainess can carry a series. Lauren should sink her hooks into Carter and let the fur fly.

I like the small doses of Peri Gilpin and Brett Cullen as Payson’s strangely well-adjusted parents. However, Susan Ward (ex-Meg, SUNSET BEACH) is not well-served by her flighty, silly character, the clueless Chloe. Chloe spotting Ronnie Cruz smooching Marty (Erik Palladino, ex-Malucci, ER), mirrored Emily catching Ronnie’s daughter Kaylie kissing Carter the week before. Like mother, like daughter (in both cases), eh?

I must be getting soft, because I also didn’t dislike NURSE JACKIE so much this week. The voice-over is still too droning, but Zoey seemed dialed back a lot, Apparently Eddie isn’t being replaced with a machine right away. But the whole encounter with the school counselor, nurse and teacher left me shaking my head. Good thing they didn’t analyze drawings back when I was in grammar school.

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