Soap Opera Weekly: Night Shift 3/6/09

The season finale of BURN NOTICE really went out with a bang. Several of them, in fact. Y’know how everybody dies in the climactic final moments of the Godfather movies? Well, this was a little like that, only with more boats, helicopters and bikinis.

As we got closer to the truth, thing got more and more confusing as it was revealed that Carla (Tricia Helfer) and Victor (Michael Shanks) were both burned spies themselves; Carla went into business for herself and forcibly recruited Vic by killing his family. His quest for revenge brought him into alignment with Michael (Jeffrey Donovan). Mike and Vic gathered enough intel and dirt on Carla to go to her boss, code-named Management (and played by John Mahoney), who explained to Michael that he had been protecting him from all his old enemies. When Michael demanded to be released from the life, Management withdrew his protection, and Michael made a literal leap of faith — about 100 feet from a helicopter — into the open ocean. So we last see Michael literally at sea, struggling to keep his head above water. I love that kind of metaphorical stuff. It was a baptism of sorts into a new life. The status quo for season three will be the same, yet completely different! Michael is, if anything, even more burned — if Management is to be believed.

This episode featured many more stunts and car chases than usual, leading to my favorite spy tip of the night: If you get in a firefight during a car chase, aim to ricochet your bullets off the pavement and up through the floorboards of the pursuing vehicle. (How can you not love a show that dispenses advice like that?!) Also, nondairy creamer mixed with gunpowder will generate a really explosive (and dangerous) distraction! Sam (Bruce Campbell) and Madeline (Sharon Gless) really got a chance to shine as he protected her from thugs. Madeline showed not only a backbone, but genuine concern for her son’s safety over her own. Plus, she keeps a shotgun in the house.

I was sorry to say goodbye to the amorally fun Carla and Victor, who were shot dead by Fiona and Michael, respectively. (Well, Michael sort of just finished off Vic.) No more Carla means Helfer has to find another job, what with her tenure as BATTLESTAR GALACTICA’s Six also wrapped. Coincidentally, Shanks’ decade-long gig with the STARGATE franchise is also…uh, in transition.

The new season of BURN NOTICE ignites in June.

Oh, yeah? Sez you!

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