Soap Opera Weekly: Night Shift 2/23/09

Ellen Tigh returned to the fleet on BATTLESTAR GALACTICA this week on to the astonishment of all (Hot Dog: “How many dead chicks are out there?”) and the delight of Saul. I love that she wanted a drink first thing out of the gate. I’m sure Cavil barred booze from the baseship. Funny how Ellen didn’t seem to hold a grudge against him for poisoning her. In fact, it wasn’t even entirely clear if she knew/suspected he’d killed her. (Unless you consider her pouncing on Saul to be “revenge sex”?) Ellen was accompanied by Sharon Valerii, and Tyrol took a moment to look her in the eye before recognizing Boomer. Admiral Adama ordered her immediately locked up; I guess he still holds a grudge for her shooting him in the season one finale. Apparently Tyrol also holds a grudge: Recall that he used to be Boomer’s lover, but he no doubt recalls how Boomer almost let him die when Baltar injected him with a toxin in a bid to compel Sharon to talk during an interrogation. Boomer was later shot dead by Cally (who would go on to marry Tyrol), and downloaded back into the Cylon fleet, where she eventually aligned with Cavil.But who could blame Ellen for being upset with Saul’s involvement with Caprica-Six? After all, Ellen revealed that she and Saul created the Sixes, which makes his tryst sound almost like incest. Still, it produced the first ever Cylon/Cylon baby, which cut Ellen to the quick. She couldn’t resist tormenting Caprica about her previous relationship with Saul (and their “welcome back” sex) and how she and Saul should join the rest of the Five and jump away from the fleet. That argument upset Caprica so much she miscarried the unborn Liam. (Wow, does it get any more soapy than that?) And how great was it that Saul went running back to his friend Bill and they grieved together?

Another significant Six-related development was the reappearance of the Virtual Six in Baltar’s mind for the first time since last season. It may have been significant that Baltar was under extreme duress, struggling with Paula for control of his religious followers and faced with the threat of the violent Sons of Ares. Perhaps Virtual-Six is really just Baltar’s aggressive side, cloaked in a sheep’s clothing? Cylons are also being integrated throughout Galactica, with numerous Sixes helping with repairs (using the Cylon living “goop”) and even flying Combat Air Patrol in heavy raiders! Bill and Saul got drunk, and Bill admitted he needs Cylon help to repair and defend the ship (most likely because the pilot ranks were depleted by the mutiny). At one time Adama feared integrating the Cylons would make Galactica a blended ship, but by episode’s end he was forced to admit, “It’s already happened, hasn’t it?” But not smoothly: A Six was attacked in Dogsville and forced to break some arms to defend herself. And the rebel Cylons themselves were far from harmonious, split as they are by petty jealousies. Ironic that the Cylon resin is now physically holding Galactica together; Cylon personnel are uniting the crew (either via mutual hatred or pitching in to do work); and the Cylons are tearing themselves apart…

Oh, yeah? Sez you!

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