Soap Opera Weekly: Night Shift 2/10/09

HEROES picked up the action after the plane crash, with our friends on the run from Nathan’s capture teams, led by the Hunter and HRG. Once again, Claire found herself accusing her father of shady dealings and he was once again insisting, “It’s much more complicated than you know.” (I want to know when Noah learned to fly cargo planes.) HRG is giving the impression that he has drunk Nathan’s Kool-Aid and wants to control people with powers. He has consistently wanted to protect Claire from other freaks, so that part makes sense. It has been kind of laughable the way characters keep telling her to “go home” and putting her in cars. (I guess she got fed up, because that’s exactly what she did.) HRG raised a very good point with Nathan: What would the Hunter do if he knew “Sen. Sky Boy” had powers? Implicit was the threat that Noah might use that information. Tracy ended the episode screaming “You’re one of us!” at Nathan, who is trusting a lot of people not to bust him while he’s destroying their lives. HRG proved trustworthy when he opted not to kill Peter, but was that a favor to Nathan or to Claire, who dearly loves her biological uncle? Speaking of killing, soldiers shot Daphne dead. It was an ignomious end for a character with unrealized potential, but her death prompted a revenge-seeking Matt to push one if the soldiers to kill his fellows, which makes Matt a mass murderer; perhaps a good story will come out of that. Peter told Tracy that while he still absorbs powers, he can only possess one at time. Sylar clearly does not have that limitation. When he wanted to get information out the captured Agent Simmons, he decided to torture some random innocents. What were the chances that Sylar would pick somebody who just happens to have powers? On this show, pretty good. Which is bad. Colossal “coincidences” like that jolt the viewer right out of a story and remind us that we’re watching TV, not real people. Sylar himself noted, “If that’s a coincidence, God’s improved his sense of humor.” So Sylar hit the road with a disciple in tow once again, dredging up painful memories of the hated Wonder Twins, Maya and Alejandro.

Oh, yeah? Sez you!

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