Soap Opera Weekly: Night Shift 7/25/08

Who would have thought that Cat Fancy is the toughest magazine on the newsstand? Okay, maybe not the toughest, but Michael did use a rolled up Cat Fancy to beat up two thugs on last night’s BURN NOTICE. Talk about an improvised weapon!

The muscle men were working for a loan shark, and Michael had promised to rescue their victim (well, technically Fiona volunteered him for the case). Seems she was impressed the poor sap had gone to the shark to help his mother with her medical bills, only to lose the money to a con man. Fi admired a man who was willing to put love for someone else ahead of his own interests. Gee, do you think that was a not-subtle-at-all reference to Michael’s obsession with getting to the bottom of his “burn notice” even if it means ignoring her and putting his own life on the line?

This turned out to be a big relationship episode, because Madeline finally pressed the issue of Michael’s “breakup” with Fi. (He insisted to Sam that Fiona was never his girlfriend. But we don’t buy that, do we?) Anyway, in true stoic hero fashion Michael refused to share his feelings with his mother — actually, make that “in true guyfashion” — so Madeline went to Fi for the scoop. The elder Westen told Fiona she was the best thing to ever happen to her son. Fiona revealed that compliment was more than Michael ever paid her. Madeline pointed out that Michael’s father was exactly the same way: non-communicative. Fiona said she broke it off with Michael because she could not be the second most important thing in his life. Later, as Michael was helping his mother with the dishes (Yes, the man does dishes! He is a hero, after all…), she broached the subject again. Michael figured she was fishing for grandchildren, but she insisted she just wanted him to be happy. “Life is tough alone,” she said. “Kids make the ride more fun.” So getting a girlfriend wouldn’t even be enough — he has to add kids?

Michael was incredulous that he and little brother Nate could have been considered “fun,” but it’s definitely fun to learn spy stuff from Michael. For instance, when it comes to cracking a cheap safe, it’s easier to simply knock the lock off with a hammer than try to pick it or work the combination. I also learned that while most people who work at an embassy or consulate are civil servants, the head of security is almost always a spy. Michael boosted some low-level files and used them (and a camera) to blackmail Aseem of the Pakistani consulate into providing him with some old files on Carla. Perhaps Fi needs to blackmail Michael into facing his feelings for her.

Don’t make me blackmail you into reading the next installment of Night Shift — especially since I’ll be discussing part two of the three-part season finale of DOCTOR WHO! And who isn’t excited about that?

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