One comment on “DOCTOR WHO 2013 Christmas Trailer Bows

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    I can’t wait. Just rewatched the “Christmas Carol” episode last night, and it was a blast. I admit to being disappointed in the 50th anniversary episode, though. Their attempt to squeeze a villain in was valiant but poorly thought-out. The episode’s menace should have come from the central storyline — the Dalek/Time Lord war. You would think this would be obvious, but apparently not. Instead we get an amusing but second-string villain shoved into a story that has nothing to do with them and who don’t even play a part in the climax. Just bad writing all around. Either the Daleks or the Time Lords themselves should have been the menace. Perhaps they could even have worked together, calling a truce while they both go to war against the Doctor (s) in an effort to stop him/them from activating the Moment and killing them all. But no. We get shape-shifters hiding in a painting. Sigh. Hope the next one is better.

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